Snow Dump in progress

It's still snowing... started about noon. I live on what's called "The Benches". Here along the Wasatch Front of the Wasatch Mountain Range, the benches are the old shoreline of the ancient Lake Bonneville that covered much of northern Utah during the days of the Mammoths and Sabre-tooth tigers. That places our neighborhood up above the general valley floor, and as a result we tend to get more snow during a storm. I'm thinking it looks like we got a good 3-4 inches so far.

Which means I'll be shoveling snow in the morning. That also means my trip to the gym is cancelled. That's my special rule: if I gotta shovel, I don't need the gym. Uses up about the same amount of time. Hurts the back more, though.

B-5 Practice game

My brother David and I have an interest in the miniatures game Babylon 5. I've collected a small fleet of Centauri ships which have been painted by my good friend Dave Baker. Brother David is focused on the Earth forces. Since winter vacation is about to expire, we thought we'd have a little skirmish before gaming time is over and it's back to regular workdays.

It was simply a game to get re-acquainted with the rules before we end up playing with any of our gaming friends from the GAJO games store in Sandy. A couple of ships per side. It was fun, but we had to constantly look up small statistics to make sure we were doing things right.

One thing for sure, beam weapons in this game are scary. When firing a continual beam weapon, you roll a certain number of dice (depending on the ship weapon size) and have to roll a 4 or greater to score a hit. For every dice that scores a hit, you can roll them again to see if you get more hits. Once a die rolls less than a 4, it's out, but you can keeping rolling those successful dice.

OUCH! His Hyperion cruiser sliced open one of my ships scoring a devastating 14 hits, each of which scored double damage points. Basically the poor Centauri ship was a sieve of escaping plasma, the crew was burnt to ashes and the wreck drifted in the direction of Arcturus. Its sister ship didn't last much longer, only scoring a few retaliatory hits and wiping some 6 Starfury fighters from the sky. Then it, too, suffered the wrath of a very successful beam hit.

With no survivors left to report to Centauri Prime, I wonder how long it will be before Fleet Command realizes a couple of their ships are missing...
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Updating is a success!

AHA! I've managed to update my livejournal account, my facebook account, and my blog for the second day. Victory is mine!

I've finally gotten around to uploading a userpic. It's a photo of me at the waist gun position in a WW2 bomber, a B-17 named "Sentimental Journey".

A New Start

While I normally ignore the New Year's trend of trying to define new resolutions and stuff, I figured it's as good a time as any to try to make improvements.

I've been a pretty good lurker on my favorite blogs, forums and journals, and over the last little while I've realized that there are some side benefits that reward those who keep up with their entries. I think one of the main ones is that it gives the writer the chance to improve or at least keep up their writing skills. Since I am a technical writer by trade, I figure I could use all the help I can get.

So that little acknowledgment led me to start my own blog site. I set up a blog page using blogspot, named SpaceRubble. It's located at . It's a place for me to put my creativity to work on something that's important to me, which is the exploration of space. I got it set up, added a few entries, and like my live journal account, got busy with life and let the entries lag.

Thank goodness for vacation time! That's when I can recharge my batteries, so to speak, and sweep out the cobwebs and shred the superfluous files and receipts. It's a time to roll 2 D6, fall back that many inches and redeploy your forces after a tiresome struggle. OOPs, there goes the gamer side of me.

After the day's visitors have gone, I've sat on the sofa and started watching the Mythbusters marathon to unwind. What is it that just makes that show so cool? Anyway, I started zoning out and dozing when Mutton the cat decided to wake me and demand food. So it's off to close up the house and start getting ready to crash. But oh no, I've got to make sure to get on the internet a bit (curse and bless the internet).

I had already decided to resolve to do better on my blog site and updated SpaceRubble. But I started looking over some livejournal and blogging links with the idea of seeing what resolutions people were making today. Of course, that's when I thought I could make a new start with my own LJ account, and here I am. Fifteen minutes left for this January First, so I made it. Phew. Just in Time.

Of course, new LJ users don't have many friends to read their postings, but it doesn't matter. I've already spotted a benefit. I had only intended to type a couple of paragraphs, and here I am still typing. Good. Good Blogger. Now go to bed.
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New Journal

Well, this is a first for me. I've never had an on-line presence before, but I've been motivated by my friend Howard Tayler, creator of the on-line comic strip "Schlock Mercenary" (found at Therefor, this is a test. It is only a test. Had this been a real journal entry, I would have had something more interesting to say.
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