Mark (zeppelin2) wrote,

An early evening cell developed from the northeast side of Mt Timpanogos and gradually built up enough to spill over into Utah county about 4-5 pm. I only recall one round of thunder which was enough to worry the cat and send him down into the bunker where I work. A light sprinkle with occasional large drops of rain lasted about 5 minutes. The nicest part was a good wind and breeze which lasted over 30 minutes. very refreshing.

The good news yesterday was the release of the 2009 Hurricane forecast from the weatherpros. I'll have to go over it this weekend in between bouts of coughing and sneezing. And work.

Possible thunderstorms tomorrow and Sunday.

Hmm. I need to learn to post better. Wrote the above a couple of days ago, but evidently did not post it, only saved it. Will try again.

Sunday Now. Rainy off and on for the day, but intense cells developed in some locations. FLash floods down in Moab, and there was even a small ropy tornado pictured down by Milford! That's two for this year, might only get a couple more. I've been home all day with the coughing from a cold I thought I was getting over. Working the space center Friday and Saturday must have aggravated it. Would be nice if it would go away. Oh, well, Nyquil standing by.

Today's rain here in PG was mostly on-again, off-again drizzle. Yet Alpine, a little bit north of here, got over an inch! It's been fascinating watching the cells come one after another across the valley. Expecting a bit more of the same tomorrow morning. This could mess up a lot of people's plans for the holiday.
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