Mark (zeppelin2) wrote,

Time passes... Spring arrives

Egads, I didn't do so good on the journal thing the last couple of months, did I?

It's been slightly over two months since the last entry. Not much has changed, I guess. At the Space Center, I've been busy with teaching the Space Exploration merit badge class. I'm halfway through the program, which ends up with a Rocket Launch Saturday after the 4th class. Today I got ahold of my source for Quest rockets, and I'll pick those up sometime this week.

The bronchitis thing came back with a vengeance. A week and a half of hacking up a lung can be really discouraging. This was followed by a week and a half of larangitis. Nasty bug that one. Just really takes the drive to accomplish anything and buries it in the sand.

One thing changed. The climate has been desperately trying to shift from winter to spring. Old Punxatawney Phil must have really put the curse on this time, because just as the weather turned nice and started warming up, we got another winter blast. Usually I know that when I finish watching the Masters golf tournament in April, spring usually kicks into gear. Not this time. A sneaky cold wet front arrived and one night dumped a good foot of snow on the benches. No shoveling this time though. it warmed up just enough to put a terrific melt on us. In a couple of days it was all gone.

Nice way to end the season, though.

One thing to remember, however, is that snow doesn't really end here in Utah. We can still experience snowfall all the way into the first week of June. I've seen it before. It all comes down to the placement of the jet stream, and the flow of fronts from the north or the south.

After the last snow and freezing rain, we've had a week of spring weather with temperatures in the 70's. Clear skies everywhere with the occasional high altitude wisps.

Tonight there is interesting news. Checking the KSL weather forecast it looks like the chance of rain that was going to hit us is turning into a very good chance of something more than sprinkles. While I have to endure heating up to 80 for the next couple of days, it seems that the weekend's rains have turned into Friday's storminess. I hope the lightning symbol means a chance of lightning and thunder, 'cause I love that stuff. Exciting stuff. But the written forecast calls for wet, windy and possible snow on the benches (ugh). Well, that's still more exciting than a lot of the weather we've had during winter. Gonna have to follow this one carefully.
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