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Revenge of the Rhinovirus

Blast it! It's baaaaaaaack...

Just as I was sure I had recovered from my bout with a cold and all its awful symptoms, it has come back to haunt me. I thought I detected a sore throat again on Saturday, but resting Sunday seemed to disperse the feeling. Monday morning I was back at the treadmill at the gym, and near the last ten minutes of my workout I started feeling a tickle in my throat. By the time I was driving home I was coughing noticeably.

By last night I was sure it was going to be a tough encounter with bronchitis. The speed of this hit was surprising. Luckily I was able to counter the hacking with good bouts of NyQuil. All Hail NyQuil! It let me get a little bit of sleep, which must have helped tremendously. Somehow I thought I could get through the workday.

Even coughing and sneezing all day, it turned out to be a good day. I managed to complete a major project for work, and finished a very nice job review with my supervisor. So even though I am now out of energy and enthusiasm, I feel it's been a good day and I'm ready to knock off early for the night. I have my NyQuil, a new copy of Model Railroad Planning magazine, and I've even managed to type on Livejournal. Not too bad.
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