June 15th, 2009

A Wet Week

Well, for once, the weather forecasters were spot on. The stormy days were supposed to last through Friday. Suddenly on Thursday the 5-day forecast changed, showing Friday to be a drier day followed by possible storms on Saturday. But the storm came Friday night anyway! In fact it was a fairly good wind followed by a nice storm cell.

But Saturday was the real thing. A major storm cell traced its path up the I-15 corridor from Utah county through Davis county. Radar showed some severe sections and it wasn't kidding. I was on my way to Sandy to the wargame store, but the rain was so intense I knew I wouldn't be safe on the freeway (because I know how Utah drivers go nuts in bad weather). Oh dear, what to do. I decided it was better to wait out the weather a bit at a chinese restaurant. One does what one must.

SUre enough, the severe center of the storm moved on and the worst part was over in 15 minutes. Saturday remained rainy off and on until evening.

The pattern has been a clear morning, with lots of clouds starting up by noon, and some of those growing larger and boisterous by 3. Usually, all is over by 8 and it's clear for the most part in the night.

It's Monday now, and the day has been dry and mostly clear. So that puts an end to the stormy week. Forecast shows rain again tomorrow and Thursday, but we'll see.
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