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Return of the inevitable sore throat

Aw, man! No, no no no no no!

Ever get that dreaded feeling, that scratchy warm feeling in the back of your throat, and you just know a sore throat episode is imminent? I first noticed it at about 9 am this morning, an hour after my seemingly morning ritual of snow shoveling. Sure enough, by tonight I've got a bit of a cough and a definite sore throat. Bummer!

My friend Vic tells me he always tries to predict how long his episodes will be. Well, I have to direct a 5-hour flight simulation at the Space Center on Saturday, so I better be recovering by then. During my teaching days, this sort of thing would often develop into larangitis as there's no way avoid talking a lot as a teacher. Now that I work on the computer all day, I hope I can avoid that awful phase. Nyquil will be my friend tonight.

In fact, with my reduced interaction with a school full of kids, I rarely get a cold or sore throat more than once a year now. So here's hoping this is my yearly event and I can be done with it.

Oh crud. More snow coming on Friday.
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