A Wet Week

Well, for once, the weather forecasters were spot on. The stormy days were supposed to last through Friday. Suddenly on Thursday the 5-day forecast changed, showing Friday to be a drier day followed by possible storms on Saturday. But the storm came Friday night anyway! In fact it was a fairly good wind followed by a nice storm cell.

But Saturday was the real thing. A major storm cell traced its path up the I-15 corridor from Utah county through Davis county. Radar showed some severe sections and it wasn't kidding. I was on my way to Sandy to the wargame store, but the rain was so intense I knew I wouldn't be safe on the freeway (because I know how Utah drivers go nuts in bad weather). Oh dear, what to do. I decided it was better to wait out the weather a bit at a chinese restaurant. One does what one must.

SUre enough, the severe center of the storm moved on and the worst part was over in 15 minutes. Saturday remained rainy off and on until evening.

The pattern has been a clear morning, with lots of clouds starting up by noon, and some of those growing larger and boisterous by 3. Usually, all is over by 8 and it's clear for the most part in the night.

It's Monday now, and the day has been dry and mostly clear. So that puts an end to the stormy week. Forecast shows rain again tomorrow and Thursday, but we'll see.
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More wet weather

Since the last post it's been a semi-pattern of a few nice days followed by one or two wet days. Wet days means (maybe) about 5 to 20 minutes of drizzle. And once in a while a flash of distant lightning.

But this week- hmmmm, interesting!

KSL weather 7 day forecast shows a 5-day stretch of cloudy with occasional thunderstorms. Neat.

Of course, my main interest will be to see if they get this one right. Or will it change enough by Wednesday to completely change the forecast for the rest of the week? We shall see.
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An early evening cell developed from the northeast side of Mt Timpanogos and gradually built up enough to spill over into Utah county about 4-5 pm. I only recall one round of thunder which was enough to worry the cat and send him down into the bunker where I work. A light sprinkle with occasional large drops of rain lasted about 5 minutes. The nicest part was a good wind and breeze which lasted over 30 minutes. very refreshing.

The good news yesterday was the release of the 2009 Hurricane forecast from the weatherpros. I'll have to go over it this weekend in between bouts of coughing and sneezing. And work.

Possible thunderstorms tomorrow and Sunday.

Hmm. I need to learn to post better. Wrote the above a couple of days ago, but evidently did not post it, only saved it. Will try again.

Sunday Now. Rainy off and on for the day, but intense cells developed in some locations. FLash floods down in Moab, and there was even a small ropy tornado pictured down by Milford! That's two for this year, might only get a couple more. I've been home all day with the coughing from a cold I thought I was getting over. Working the space center Friday and Saturday must have aggravated it. Would be nice if it would go away. Oh, well, Nyquil standing by.

Today's rain here in PG was mostly on-again, off-again drizzle. Yet Alpine, a little bit north of here, got over an inch! It's been fascinating watching the cells come one after another across the valley. Expecting a bit more of the same tomorrow morning. This could mess up a lot of people's plans for the holiday.

Busy times...

Yep, it's been busy. There's my main job working for Pearson as a technical writer, and then there's my part time job as assistant director of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. Add life on to that, and, well, it's easy to give up on things like a livejournal.

Winter type weather finally gave way to spring showers. We're in that awful phase of humdrum warm weather with lots of sunshine. Great for the outdoorsy-types. But finally some moisture-laden winds have been moving into the area. The last few days have raised the possibilities of afternoon occasional thunderstorms! Finally!

When the long range forecasts give a hint of this kind of weather, I start making regular checks of two radar sites on the Internet. First I check Intellicast for a regional look at developing storm cells over Utah and Nevada, using the animation feature to watch the prevailing winds and the direction of any incoming storms. When it looks like sufficient water-laden clouds are approaching, I also start checking the local television doppler radar to look for possible severity. A rogue thunderstorm out here is likely to contain a microburst and some lightning.

Today we had a nice big storm develop west of Utah lake. By the time it popped over the Ochre mountains it was ready to get into action. There was even a little bit of darkness to the sky. My brother called from his apartment down on the valley floor in PG to tell me he was getting a little bit of a micro-burst - quick winds and a sudden downpour of heavy rain. From the bench in PG I could smell the water in the air and then heard thunder as a bright streak of lightning flashed down-or up. What ever that bolt did, it scared the cat under the sofa and brought a smile to my face. Fun weather - as long as you mind it. But then there started a terrific amount of sirens and noise as I could hear the PG fire deparment start up all their vehicles. The noise of the sirens carries all the way up here.

The next few bolts knocked out the Internet, and power went out at the Space Center, so I'm told. Bummer for the people running the missions. lucky for me the internet came back in about 20 minutes, all I got here was a dimming of the lights, and I was able to keep on working. It never actually rained more than a 3 minute sprinkle here on the bench.

But it was exciting!

Time passes... Spring arrives

Egads, I didn't do so good on the journal thing the last couple of months, did I?

It's been slightly over two months since the last entry. Not much has changed, I guess. At the Space Center, I've been busy with teaching the Space Exploration merit badge class. I'm halfway through the program, which ends up with a Rocket Launch Saturday after the 4th class. Today I got ahold of my source for Quest rockets, and I'll pick those up sometime this week.

The bronchitis thing came back with a vengeance. A week and a half of hacking up a lung can be really discouraging. This was followed by a week and a half of larangitis. Nasty bug that one. Just really takes the drive to accomplish anything and buries it in the sand.

One thing changed. The climate has been desperately trying to shift from winter to spring. Old Punxatawney Phil must have really put the curse on this time, because just as the weather turned nice and started warming up, we got another winter blast. Usually I know that when I finish watching the Masters golf tournament in April, spring usually kicks into gear. Not this time. A sneaky cold wet front arrived and one night dumped a good foot of snow on the benches. No shoveling this time though. it warmed up just enough to put a terrific melt on us. In a couple of days it was all gone.

Nice way to end the season, though.

One thing to remember, however, is that snow doesn't really end here in Utah. We can still experience snowfall all the way into the first week of June. I've seen it before. It all comes down to the placement of the jet stream, and the flow of fronts from the north or the south.

After the last snow and freezing rain, we've had a week of spring weather with temperatures in the 70's. Clear skies everywhere with the occasional high altitude wisps.

Tonight there is interesting news. Checking the KSL weather forecast it looks like the chance of rain that was going to hit us is turning into a very good chance of something more than sprinkles. While I have to endure heating up to 80 for the next couple of days, it seems that the weekend's rains have turned into Friday's storminess. I hope the lightning symbol means a chance of lightning and thunder, 'cause I love that stuff. Exciting stuff. But the written forecast calls for wet, windy and possible snow on the benches (ugh). Well, that's still more exciting than a lot of the weather we've had during winter. Gonna have to follow this one carefully.

Revenge of the Rhinovirus

Blast it! It's baaaaaaaack...

Just as I was sure I had recovered from my bout with a cold and all its awful symptoms, it has come back to haunt me. I thought I detected a sore throat again on Saturday, but resting Sunday seemed to disperse the feeling. Monday morning I was back at the treadmill at the gym, and near the last ten minutes of my workout I started feeling a tickle in my throat. By the time I was driving home I was coughing noticeably.

By last night I was sure it was going to be a tough encounter with bronchitis. The speed of this hit was surprising. Luckily I was able to counter the hacking with good bouts of NyQuil. All Hail NyQuil! It let me get a little bit of sleep, which must have helped tremendously. Somehow I thought I could get through the workday.

Even coughing and sneezing all day, it turned out to be a good day. I managed to complete a major project for work, and finished a very nice job review with my supervisor. So even though I am now out of energy and enthusiasm, I feel it's been a good day and I'm ready to knock off early for the night. I have my NyQuil, a new copy of Model Railroad Planning magazine, and I've even managed to type on Livejournal. Not too bad.
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Just Keep Swimmin', swimmin', swimmin'...

I really enjoyed Finding Nemo. One of my favorite scenes is where Dory describes her way of trying to deal with everything overwhelming and scary, she says to just keep swimming (repeated over and over). Funny in the movie, yet sometimes I feel like that's exactly what I do sometimes. So when I have a day like today, when I'm just trying to keep my head above water, and I'm not seeing progress in the things I'd like to get done, I tell myself to keep swimming and sooner or later I'll find a current going my way.

I just hope the current doesn't drop me off into a swarm of sharks.
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Busy Times

It does indeed take some effort to try to keep up with blogs, journals, etc. I've been busy with work projects, Space Center developments, a weekend train show, and lots of miniature painting. Oh, and watching "24" tonight.

And lots of snow shoveling.

Finally, tonight, I made sure to send off emails to both our Senators from Utah concerning the vote on Timothy Geithner. Hatch voted yea, Bennett voted nay.

Do you ever contact your politicians? If not, then you get to just accept whatever they do. Hold them responsible. Let them have a piece of your mind.
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Return of the dead

The sore throat led to coughing, which added onto sneezing, and sinus congestion, then mild brochitis... whatta crappy week and a half.

I've discovered that being sick takes out any desire to work on the blogs. I'm just glad I was able to do my work from home.

Anyhow, all better now, the busy week and weekend are over, and it's time to try to keep up with the blog, livejournal, and facebook, etc. I haven't seen much use for the facebook page yet, although I have lots of younger co-workers who love being part of it.

Nice to have a paid holiday off. I plan on seeing the movie Defiance, updating my membership at Clarke Planetarium, and a nice relaxing visit to bookstores.
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Return of the inevitable sore throat

Aw, man! No, no no no no no!

Ever get that dreaded feeling, that scratchy warm feeling in the back of your throat, and you just know a sore throat episode is imminent? I first noticed it at about 9 am this morning, an hour after my seemingly morning ritual of snow shoveling. Sure enough, by tonight I've got a bit of a cough and a definite sore throat. Bummer!

My friend Vic tells me he always tries to predict how long his episodes will be. Well, I have to direct a 5-hour flight simulation at the Space Center on Saturday, so I better be recovering by then. During my teaching days, this sort of thing would often develop into larangitis as there's no way avoid talking a lot as a teacher. Now that I work on the computer all day, I hope I can avoid that awful phase. Nyquil will be my friend tonight.

In fact, with my reduced interaction with a school full of kids, I rarely get a cold or sore throat more than once a year now. So here's hoping this is my yearly event and I can be done with it.

Oh crud. More snow coming on Friday.
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